List Of All Sports In The World: Which One Is Your Favorite?

It’s a daunting task to come up with a list of all sports in the world. We’re not doing a straightforward list because you can get that elsewhere. What you can typically find on the internet is a long list that will make your eyeballs roll. We’re making a simple list of all sports by breaking it down by category and giving some examples. You can further read about these sports games free on the internet should anything from this list strike your fancy.

List Of All Sports In The World

  • Air Sports—are sports that cover a wide range of aerial activities such as: Aerobics, Ballooning, Gliding and Hand Gliding, Human Powered Aircraft, Parachuting, Paragliding and Kiting
  • Archery—this sport is a true test of a marksman where they attempt to shoot an arrow to a target. Some variations of archery are: Clout, Field, Flight, Indoor and Target archery.
  • Ball Over Net Games—these popular games require players or a group of players to strike or volley a ball over a net and into their opponent’s court. Notable examples are: Badminton, Footvolley, Hooverball, Sepak Takraw, Throwball, Volleyball and Wallyball.
  • Bat and Ball Games—these games require a batter to hit a ball using a bat and to run to a safe haven to score points. Some popular bat and ball games are: Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Kickball, Rounders, Wiffleball and Stickball.
  • Board Sports—are games that require the player to execute moves while balanced on top of a board vehicle. Some of the popular board sports are as follows: Skateboarding, Scootering, Streetluge,  Skysurfing, Surfing, Snowboarding and Wakesurfing
  • Boules and Bowling—requires players to roll or slide objects on the ground and score points by getting the objects to a certain position or hitting targets. Examples are: Bocce, Boccia, Bowls, Curling, Shuffleboard, Varpa, Klootshcieten, Candlepin Bowling, Duckpin Bowling, Skittles, Marbles and Lawn Bowling.
  • Catch Games—there are sports out there that catching is a requirement. Some of these games are: Curving, Dodge Ball, Kinball and Yukigassen;
  • Climbing—competitive climbing is popular in countries where the terrain is mountainous. Some of the  popular climbing sports are: Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Canyoneering, Mountain Hiking, Rope and Ice Climbing, Pole Climbing and Coasteering
  • Cycling Sports—use bicycles as vehicles in either race or exhibition. The bikes can either be 2-wheeled bikes, unicycles or even trikes. Good examples of cycling sports are: BMX Motocross, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Track Cycling, Dirt Jumping, Unicycling and Tricycle Racing.
  • Combat Sports—is a contact sport that necessitates force to subdue opponents while observing the rules of play. Examples of contact sports being practiced all over the world are: Aikido and Aiki-jujitsu, Jujitsu, Judo, Wrestling (with its many variations and styles), Boxing, Capoeira, Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, Kung Fu, Sikaran, Taekwondo, Wing Tsun, Zui Quan, Bujinkan, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, Ninjutsu, Pencak Silat, Shootfighting, Vijara-mushti, Eskrima, Fencing, Gatka, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Swordfighting and Wushu (just to name a few)
  • Cue Sports—are sports that require players to shoot balls using a cue ball and a cue. Popular cue games are: Billiards or pool (eight-ball, nine-ball, etc.),Snooker, Novuss and Hybrid Carom Games
  • Equine Games—are any games that require a rider to ride a horse. Equine games can either be race or demonstrations. Samples of Equine games: Equestrienne, Rodeo and Polo
  • Fishing Games—fishing can also get competitive with anglers challenging each other as to who gets the biggest catch. Some fishing games are: Angling, Spear Fishing, Surf Fishing, Rock Fishing and Fly Fishing
  • Flying Disc Sports—involve players throwing and catching discs. Examples are Ultimate Frisbee and Discgolf
  • Football—there are many variations of this game where the objective is to get a ball to the opponent’s court to score points. Players can carry or kick the ball to achieve that purpose. Examples of the game are: Football (soccer), Football (gridiron), Rugby, Futsal and Street Football
  • Golf—this game requires players to sink balls in holes using clubs. Other variations of golf are team golf play, miniature golf and speed golf
  • Gymnastics—there are a lot of categories in gymnastics: Balance Beam, High Bar, Trampoline, Trapeze and etc.
  • Racket Sports—requires the use of a racket to bring a ball into an opponent’s territory. Popular racket sports are: Tennis, Badminton, Pelota, Lacrosse and Table Tennis;
  • Stick and Ball—these games use sticks in order to guide a ball into an opponent’s territory. Examples are: Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Polo;

Other Sports:

  • Mechanized Sport Racing
  • Weightlifting
  • Running (Race and Distance Running)
  • Sailing and Rowing
  • Athletics
  • Endurance Sports
  • Skating
  • Kitesports
  • Handball Sports
  • Skirmish Sports

With the list of all sports in the world, which ones are your favorite?