Crossfit For Men Exercises To Choose From

A lot of men are into bodybuilding these days. More men feel healthier and stronger when they have a bodybuilder type of body. In fact, even those who simply do the regular fitness exercises have leveled things up by doing trainings that are perfect for bodybuilding. One of the most popular exercises today is crossfit. It is a combination of the regular training exercises and intense training techniques. There are specially designed crossfit for men. These exercises are way more intense and difficult. Those who try out these techniques are those who are really serious in having huge muscle masses and incredible strength.

Crossfit For Men Exercises

If you are also interested in doing these techniques, you have to be totally prepared for it. It is not easy and you have to spend more time doing the techniques. It will also eat up a lot of your energy. Though you will feel more relaxed after the exercise, the hours you spend doing the training will really make you extremely tired.

Here are some of the crossfit exercises built for men who really wanted to test their strength:

  • The Cindy Routine. Though the name of the exercise is that of a girl, the actual exercise is nothing close to being girly. You need to do several pushups and body weight squats consecutively for 20 minutes. You need to be able to hold your energy that long if you want to see results. It is perfect if you want to burn fat in the fastest and shortest way possible. It is also perfect to add up more chest and shoulder muscles. The exercise allows faster fat burning to achieve better results.
  • The Filthy 50. This is an extremely difficult exercise. It requires you to do 50 repetitions of various exercises. You can choose from lunge steps, push press, back extension, ball shots, double unders and pull- ups. After doing the entire procedure, your body will definitely down. The great news is that combining these procedures will train almost all parts of your body. As a result, muscle masses are distributed equally throughout the body. Just imagine the amount of fat that will be burnt in just one session.
  • The Dead Lift Plus Run.Combining dead life and running will give you a bigger chance of losing your tummy fast. You can do series of dead lifts with as many repetitions as you possibly can and combine it with 1.5 miles of running. You can increase the repetition depending on what your body can handle.
  • The Double Under Plus Sit ups.This is a proven technique that combines jumping and sit ups. It is quite difficult at first since it involves extreme body movements. The good thing is that it makes you really versatile and strong. It also makes your stomach leaner and firmer.

Doing all these exercises will really drain you. This is why not so many people have tried them out. If you are determined and you think that the level of difficulty is tolerable, you definitely have to give it a try.