Giving Into The Crossfit For Women Craze

Crossfit trainings are designed for those who want a more intense physical training. Fitness trainers who want to stay in their best form also use it. Given the intensity of the exercises and the strength required to perform them, most people would think that it is training suitable for men only. The truth is that women are also into crossfit. In fact, more and more women have given in to the craze and tried it out. For some, the training is really difficult and beyond their tolerance level. For others, it started a little shaky, but eventually they managed to pull through.

Crossfit For Women Exercises

If you think you can handle crossfit for women, don’t stop yourself from doing it. You can just give the simple routines a try and you can go further to more difficult stunts eventually. Once the results start to kick in, you can give any man a run for his money in terms of body built.

These are some of the training exercises that you can do to achieve your goal:

  • Dead lift, squat and push press combo. These are basic exercise routines that are easy to follow. For the first week of doing crossfit, this is the type that is highly recommended. You just have to practice pushing yourself in terms of the number of repetitions to make your body conditioned as you go for more difficult stunts.
  • Weight starting from light to moderate. This is also what you need to do on the first week. Try not to go extremely heavy right away or else you will hurt yourself. When training yourself with lighter weights at first, you can condition your body to eventually push further.
  • The Cindy workouts. This is a very complicated combination of pull up, pushup and squat. You need to do 10 pushup repetitions, 5 for pull ups and 15 for squats. You can increase the number eventually. You can also do as many sets as you can in a span of 15-20 minutes for a much better result.
  •  Dead lift plus fast run. You need to perform 5 sets of dead lifts first before you do 1.5-2.0 miles of running. You can break down the distance into the 5 sets so you can train your body evenly.
  • Sit ups combined with double under. Double under is the process in which you need to let the rope pass twice your body before landing. This is quite difficult to master at first. If combined with sit ups, it becomes more complicated. You can just get the hang of it as you continue practicing.
  • Fast run plus pull ups. This is also pretty basic. The only difference with that of regular running and pull ups is the number of repetitions as well as the distance to be covered while running.

There are a lot more exercises for you to choose from as well as combos to maximize results. The only thing that you need to prepare for is your being psychologically fit. You can always condition your body to do the job, but if your mind has already given up right from the start, you won’t be able to achieve anything.